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If you have been looking for luxury vinyl tile that is both beautiful and affordable, and have come up short, we invite you to visit with us at Sean's Quality Floors. We have a great selection of LVT, and we would love to show you our stock of this remarkable flooring system. It is no secret that millions of homeowners have turned to LVT when they want a flooring system that offers them a variety of benefits that they cannot find in other types of flooring. Here are just a few reasons consumers all over America are now choosing luxury vinyl for their new flooring:
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Luxury vinyl looks like the real thing

The only way to truly appreciate just how authentic LVT mimics the real wood or stone materials that it represents, is to see it for yourself. This “realness” is achieved through high-definition imaging processes that are used during its manufacturing. This means that you can create your own unique space that looks just like a hardwood floor, or natural stone floor. And, you can do this at a fraction of what it would cost to use the real materials.

Luxury vinyl tile is tough

LVT is also manufactured to be durable and tough. These flooring systems are constructed differently than regular sheet vinyl goods. The two are not the same. With LVT, you get a remarkably stable flooring system that can resist normal staining, resist denting from dropped objects, and can even resist mold and mildew growth between the flooring and the sub-flooring.

Great selection of luxury vinyl here

We have a wonderful selection of LVT right here at Sean's Quality Floors in Pacifica, CA.When you shop with us, you will be able to find the exact flooring that you have been looking for, and find it fast and easily.

Come by and visit with us today and see one of the best selections of luxury vinyl tile in this area. While you are here, we will gladly answer any questions that you may have about these incredible flooring systems.
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